Beware Harmony Extra sales pitch

There have been several calls concerning sales of Harmony Extra for use in corn and soybeans.

Apparently, a company or individual is selling this herbicide prepackage mixture as a replacement for Pinnacle. It is suggested that the Harmony Extra is a more active material and thus can be used at a reduced rate of application. Another tact has been to suggest that Harmony Extra has a "super active" herbicide included and will be more effective than Pinnacle. In either case, there are serious ramifications for growers who have been taken in by this sales strategy.

Harmony Extra is not registered for use in corn nor soybeans. Harmony Extra is a prepackage combination of DPX-L5300 and thifensulfuron. Thifensulfuron is the active ingredient in Pinnacle. Neither thifensulfuron nor DPX-L5300 have any soil residual activity. However, DPX-L5300 has considerable activity on corn and soybean. The use of Harmony Extra will likely result in serious crop injury.

If you are contacted by someone trying to sell Harmony Extra for use on corn or soybeans, please contact me at 515-294-1923.

Updated 02/11/1993 - 1:00pm