Timing herbicide incorporation

The best opportunity for consistent weed control occurs when the herbicide is applied just prior to planting and is incorporated immediately. Follow the label instructions concerning incorporation depth, and adjust the equipment to operate level at the proper depth. Typically, equipment must be adjusted to work more shallowly for the second incorporation pass. If the equipment is not adjusted after the first incorporation pass, untreated soil will be moved into the herbicide zone, and the herbicide will be diluted, thus reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Different fields have different soil characteristics and preplant tillage, so adjust incorporation equipment for each field. Crop residue also affects the effectiveness of herbicide incorporation. Fields with more than 40 to 50 percent crop residue cover may require tillage prior to herbicide application and incorporation. The most important factor in herbicide incorporation is the fitness of the soil for the incorporation implement. If the soil is too wet, herbicide incorporation will be uneven, and weed control will be poor.

Updated 04/21/1994 - 1:00pm