Selecting burndown options for no-till

Fields that will be planted no-till are starting to green up due to new weed growth. Controlling these weeds at planting is the first step of a successful weed management program. To select the most appropriate burndown herbicide and the proper rate, scout the field a few days before application. Look for weed species present, weed size, and population density. Most annual weeds are still relatively small and should be fairly easy to control. However, the required rate of a specific herbicide depends on what species are present. Winter annuals and perennials are usually more noticeable at this time because of their early spring growth; in most situations, considerably more herbicide is needed to control them than is needed to control summer annual weeds. However, in many fields, winter annual or perennial weeds are present as scattered infestations. Although the presence of these weeds may make a field look bad, their low level of competitiveness may not justify the added expense of a burndown herbicide.

While there are no thresholds available to help you determine when they warrant control, populations of winter annuals of less than one plant per ten square feet probably dont warrant special treatment.

Updated 04/20/1995 - 1:00pm