Agricultural resources now in cyberspace

If you have access to the Internet, you can find a variety of agricultural resources from Iowa State University Extension and the 16 academic departments within the College of Agriculture. Iowa State University Extension maintains a World Wide Web home page that has links to many kinds of agricultural information, including markets, research databases, current extension news, and educational materials such as fact sheets, bulletins, and newsletters.

One of the more popular ISU Extension sites is for this newsletter, Integrated Crop Management. ICM has received high ratings as a source of agricultural information for Iowans (see Marlin Rice's article in this issue on page 188). The current and previous issue of this newsletter can be viewed from extension's home page by clicking on "Newsletters" under "Extension Information," or by going directly to this address:

The ISU Extension home page also provides an index to agricultural programs and collaborations aimed at the timely dissemination of resources to farm and agribusiness professionals that help shape production and management decisions for the benefit of their families, communities, farms, or businesses. The ISU Extension home page is located at:

Each department within the College of Agriculture also supplies its own wealth of information related to agricultural production and protection news. The location of each of these departments on the World Wide Web is provided here.

This article originally appeared on page 187 of the IC-476(25) -- November 11, 1996 issue.

Updated 11/10/1996 - 1:00pm