Hazardous waste collection centers

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Iowa currently has five regional collection centers for hazardous waste: central and north central Iowa, Scott County, Muscatine County, and Clinton County. These centers handle a variety of household and on-farm wastes, including paints, oils, and acids; batteries and automotive products; clean, used, and chlorinated solvents; tars, resins, and glues; and pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers.

Each facility is available to residents, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses designated as "Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQGs)." To qualify as a CESQG, a business or organization must generate less than 2.2 lb. per month of acute hazardous waste and never store more than this amount on site at any time; also generate less than 220 lb. of all other hazardous waste and never store more than 2,200 lb. on site at any time.

Iowa residents or CESQGs that do not have a collection center in their area may call Jeff Fregel at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, 515-281-5859, for disposal arrangements. Information on operating hours, fees to process and dispose of wastes, and the types of waste handled can be obtained by contacting each facility.

Central Iowa

Mike Fairchild

Metro Waste Authority Regional Collection Center



North Central

Margo Underwood

Regional Collection Center for Hazardous Household Wastes

Landfill of North Iowa

Clear Lake


Scott County

Anna Holmstrom

Household Hazardous Material Facility

Scott Area Landfill



Muscatine County

Lavene Payne

Muscatine Recycling Center



Clinton County

Chuck Goddard

Clinton County Landfill



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