Readers respond to ICM survey

In 1992, the first issue of the Integrated Crop Management newsletter was printed. It was the first four-color extension newsletter produced in the United States. At the end of 1995, we surveyed 3,344 subscribers and 14 percent responded. Here are what some readers wrote about ICM in our survey:

  • "Best thing coming out of Iowa State."
  • "Excellent. This deserves an award from the Secretary of Agriculture or Governor Branstad."
  • "This is my best source of unbiased agronomic information, practical, clear, condensed, excellent reference guide for key decisions."
  • "It is the cheapest, most accurate and timely information I can find."
  • "This is the most important publication I get."
  • " far the best university publication."
  • "Best newsletter on the market."
  • "It is an excellent production. It has set the level for extension publications."
  • "Best newsletter in the industry."
  • "The best newsletter we receive. The photographs make the difference."
  • "Very valuable. I missed it in 1994 and felt lost all season."

Integrated Crop Management was placed on the World Wide Web in cooperation with the Department of Entomology during August, 1996. In the August 8 issue of the University of Wisconsin's Wisconsin Crop Manager newsletter, extension weed scientist Jerry Doll writes:

  • "In some ways I hesitate to tell you about this because you'll be able to see the premiere agronomic newsletter in the region and probably the nation, but for that very reason, you need to know that it is now available on the Web. The folks that produce [Iowa State Extension's] Integrated Crop Management have taken the next step in information delivery and jumped into electronic communications.... Check it out. We think you will find it another useful source of information from the good folks at Iowa State University."

This article originally appeared on page 188 of the IC-476(25) -- November 11, 1996 issue.

Updated 11/10/1996 - 1:00pm