Internet enhances pest management

Now the latest pest management recommendations are only a mouse-click away. The full-color extension newsletter published weekly during summer months, Integrated Crop Management, appears on the Internet's World Wide Web several days before the printed version makes it into mailboxes.

During the month of September, we averaged 3,343 hits every day to this server, which has a lot of entomology and pest management information as well as newsletters. In September, there were more than 2,500 hits to pages related to the ICM newsletter, and the number is on the rise.

The Horticulture and Home Pest newsletter also is available online. The newsletter includes horticulture tips, timely information on plant diseases, and articles about insects commonly found in and around the home.

Both newsletters can be found on the Integrated Pest Management home page at:

This article originally appeared on page 186 of the IC-476(25) -- November 11, 1996 issue.

Updated 11/10/1996 - 1:00pm