Proceedings of two conferences now available

Two conference proceedings are now available for purchase. To receive a copy of either, send $17.50 and a note indicating the title of the conference as listed below to Elaine Hall; 2104 Agronomy Hall; Iowa State University; Ames, IA 50011.

For each additional copy, add $15. If you would like one copy of each, enclose $35.00. Please make checks payable to Iowa State University.

1995 Integrated Crop Management Conference Proceedings - The Proceedings of the 1995 Integrated Crop Management Conference, contains 36 papers on the topics covered at the conference.

Agriculture and the Environment Conference Proceedings - The Proceedings from the Agriculture and Enviroment Conference contains 79 papers from water quality projects in the state of Iowa.

This article originally appeared on page 10 of the IC-476 (2) -- February 23, 1996 issue.

Updated 02/22/1996 - 1:00pm