Dingy cutworms common in corn

Black cutworm (top) and dingy cutworm (bottom)

All field corn should have been scouted for black cutworms and their injury, especially in southern and northwestern Iowa. See ICM pages 63-64 and 70-71 for details on scouting and thresholds. Dingy cutworms, up to 1 inch long, were commonly found in many western Iowa counties the week of May 19-23, but no confirmed sightings of black cutworms were reported. Dingy cutworms are climbing cutworms that feed almost entirely on leaves; they seldom cut seedling corn. It is imperative that cutworms be correctly identified before any rescue insecticide is applied to a field. Spraying populations of dingy cutworms is an unnecessary expense for the farmer.

This article originally appeared on page 84 of the IC-478(11) -- June 2, 1997 issue.

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