September clinic looks at soil management

Agribusiness Education is offering the popular one-day Soil Management Clinic on September 9, and again September 10. Topics include soil properties and variability within fields and across landscapes, yield maps, how soil variability influences crop yields and its effect on profit, the impact of management practices on profit, residue effects on infiltration and crop growth and yield, soil compaction effects on crop growth, and field and classroom modules will include the study of management practices. Certified crop advisors are eligible for 6.0 hours of soil and water management continuing education units (CEUs). If you have questions, please call Agribusiness Education at 515-432-9548 or e-mail at:

This article originally appeared on page 157 of the IC-478(20) -- August 18, 1997 issue.

Updated 08/17/1997 - 1:00pm