1998 Field Crop Scout Schools

The Integrated Pest Management Field Crop Scout School is designed for those who have no previous scouting experience and plan to work as crop scouts. It will include hands-on diagnostic activities to sharpen basic skills required for recognizing field crop problems.

There are two one-day schools this year, one on Saturday, March 21, and a second on Saturday, April 4. The Scout Schools will be held in the Scheman Building at the Iowa State Center in Ames.

Sessions will cover scouting for weeds, insects, and diseases; crop growth and development of corn, soybean, and alfalfa; soil sampling; and crop scouting goals.

All participants must be preregistered prior to the day of the school. Registration fees are reduced if they are received seven days before the class. Use or duplicate the form below for each registration. Questions may be directed to Jerolyne Packer or Robin Pruisner at 515-294-6429.

Scout School Registration Form

This article originally appeared on page 23 of the IC-480 (2) -- February 16, 1998 issue.

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