Fields wet-few acres planted

This information was summarized from an April 20 teleconference with ISU extension field specialists in crops.

  • Fields across the state continue to be too wet for planting. In most areas only 1 to 3 days have been suitable for fieldwork. Spring tillage and fertilizer applications are behind schedule.
  • Oat planting continues. Fields planted before the end of March have excellent stands that are 6 inches tall. Winter wheat fields look good to excellent.
  • Few alfalfa plantings are completed. Statewide, established alfalfa shows good winter survival. In northeast Iowa, Brian Lang reported spring black stem in many alfalfa fields. Affected plants show lesions, wilted leaves, and in some cases lower-leaf drop.
  • Pastures look good in general, but dandelions and other weeds are starting to show up. Fertilizer applications to pastures are behind schedule.
  • A few fields of corn have been planted in the northwest, southwest, and central areas of the state.

This article originally appeared on page 61 of the IC-480 (7) -- April 27, 1998 issue.

Updated 04/26/1998 - 1:00pm