Gaucho receives crisis exemption

Corn seed producers will have an additional tool for fighting flea beetles and Stewart's disease this year. Because of the high risk for Stewart's disease in southern Iowa (see Risk of Stewart's disease high in 1998, page 39, April 13 ICM), Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Dale Cochran has approved a crisis exemption (Section 18 of FIFRA) for the use of Gaucho, a systemic insecticidal seed treatment. Under the exemption, Gaucho may be applied to inbred corn seed only and application must be made between April 20 and May 4, 1998. Gaucho has been shown to reduce flea beetle feeding and the transmission of Stewart's disease to corn plants. Illinois also has approved a Section 18 for Gaucho this year. EPA registration of Gaucho for corn probably will be approved later this year. Gaucho is manufactured by Gustafson, Inc., and distributed in Iowa by Corn States Hybrid Service.

This article originally appeared on page 59 of the IC-480 (7) -- April 27, 1998 issue.

Updated 04/26/1998 - 1:00pm