Teaching entomology in Zimbabwe

I have been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach entomology at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, Zimbabwe. Therefore, I will be taking faculty improvement leave from Iowa State University for the remainder of this calendar year. Newsletter articles on insect pest management that I usually write will now be written by several other faculty and staff members in the Department of Entomology.

If you have questions regarding management of insect pests in field crops, I would suggest that first you contact one of the 14 extension field specialists in crops. Their names and phone numbers can be obtained from any county extension office. If you call the Department of Entomology on campus (515-294-1101), an office assistant will try to direct your call to someone that can provide assistance. I wish you the best for a productive growing season.

This article originally appeared on page 59 of the IC-480 (7) -- April 27, 1998 issue.

Updated 04/26/1998 - 1:00pm