Replant options following herbicide applications

Due to the recent severe weather and hail occurring throughout Iowa, there are many situations where replanting the crop may be necessary. However, it is important to remember that some herbicides limit replant options. For example, if a cornfield treated with atrazine was destroyed by hail in early June, the only crop options are corn and sorghum, regardless of the atrazine application rate. If a herbicide tank mixture was applied, the most restrictive replant label must be observed. This table lists replant options, time delays for replanting, and approximate herbicide persistence. Always refer to the herbicide label for specific information.

Herbicide Replant options Delay before replanting Approximate herbicide persistence (in months)
Accent Corn, soybeans c-None, s-15 days 1
Accent Gold Corn None 2-8
Atrazine Corn, sorghum None 2 -8
Authority Broadleaf Soybeans None 4-10
Axiom Corn, soybeans None 1-4
Banvel/Clarity Corn None 1-1.5
Basis Corn, soybeans c-None, s-15 days 0.5-1
Basis Gold Corn None 10
Beacon Corn 14 days 1-2
Bicep II, Bicep II Magnum Corn, sorghum1 None 2-8
Bladex Corn, sorghum c-None, s-30 days 2-3
Broadstrike + Dual Corn, soybeans None 2-4
Broadstrike + Treflan Soybeans None 2-6
Bronco Corn, soybeans, sorghum1 None 1-2
Bullet Corn None 2-8
Celebrity Corn None 1-1.5
Command Soybeans None 3-9
Commence Soybeans None 3-9
Contour IMI-corn None 3-11
CropStar Corn, soybeans None 1-2
Dual II, Dual II Magnum Corn, soybeans, sorghum1 None 1.5-2.5
DoublePlay Corn None 2-3
Eradicane Corn, sorghum c-None, s-30 days 1-1.5
Exceed Corn 4 weeks 4-12
Extrazine Corn, sorghum None 2-3
FirstRate Soybeans None 9
Frontier Corn, soybeans, sorghum None 1-2
FulTime Corn None 2-8
Gramoxone Extra Corn, soybeans, sorghum None not applicable
Guardsman Corn None 2-8
Harness Corn None 1-2
Harness Xtra Corn None 2-8
Hornet Corn None 2-4
Laddok Corn, sorghum None 2-8
Lariat Corn, sorghum1 None 2-8
Lasso Corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sorghum1 None 1-2.5
Lexone/Sencor Soybeans, corn2 None 1-2
Liberty Corn, soybean, sorghum3 None 1
Lightning IMI-corn None 3-11
Lorox Corn, soybeans None 2-4
Marksman Corn None 1-4
OpTill Corn, sorghum None 1-2
Partner Corn, soybeans, sunflowers None 1-2
Permit IR/IMR corn, IT/regular corn, sorghum IR/IMR-None, IT/Reg-1 month, sorg-2 months 2-4
Pinnacle any crop 45 days 1-2
Princep Corn None 2-8
Prowl /Pentagon PPI Soybeans, sunflowers None 3-6
Prowl/Pentagon PE Soybeans, corn4, sunflowers None 3-6
Pursuit/Pursuit DG IMI-corn, soybeans None 3-11
Pursuit Plus Soybeans None 3-11
Python Corn, soybeans None 2-4
Raptor Soybeans None 3-9
Ramrod Corn, soybeans for seed, sorghum None 1-1.5
Reliance STS Soybeans None 3-9
Resolve IMI-corn None 3-11
Roundup Ultra Any crop None 0-1
Salute Soybeans None 3-6
Scepter Soybeans None 3-18
Scorpion III Corn None 4-10
Shotgun Corn, sorghum None 2-8
Skirmish Soybeans None 3-9
Sonalan Soybeans None 3-6
Spirit IMI-corn, corn IMI-None, Corn-4 weeks 4-12
Squadron Soybeans None 3-18
Steel Soybeans None 3-18
Stinger Corn None 10
Surpass Corn None 1-2
Surpass 100 Corn None 2-8
Synchrony STS Soybeans None 3-9
TopNotch Corn None 1-2
Touchdown any crop 35 days 0-1
Tough Corn, soybeans c-None, s-30 days 0-1
Treflan Soybeans, sunflowers None 3-6
Tri-Scept Soybeans None 3-18
Turbo Soybeans None 1-2.5
2,4 -D Corn, soybeans 1 week 0.5-1

1 Only if safener-treated seed is used.

2 Do not rework soil.

3 Liberty-Link only.

4 Rework soil, if necessary. Plant below depth of tillage.

This article originally appeared on page 100 of the IC-480(13) -- June 8, 1998 issue.

Updated 06/07/1998 - 1:00pm