New soybean disease information

Two updated soybean disease fact sheets are available: Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot of Soybeans (Pm 914) and Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (Pm 1570). These revised versions have several new color photos that will help with disease identification. Disease management information also is updated, especially with regard to conservation tillage. The Phytophthora fact sheet adds resistance selection information based on results from a recent survey of Phytophthora races in Iowa.

The rainy season thus far has been ideal for the development of these two diseases and these two fact sheets may provide you with timely information for disease management recommendations. Copies are available at ISU county extension offices and from the Extension Distribution Center (515-294-5247).

This article originally appeared on page 147 of the IC-480(19) -- July 20, 1998 issue.

Updated 07/19/1998 - 1:00pm