New publication about corn insects

Last month, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) released their newest publication title Handbook of Corn Insects. The handbook is written by 74 entomologists representing universities, federal agencies, and corporations. It is a comprehensive resource and contains the following:

Handbook of Corn Insects

  • detailed descriptions of 76 insect pests of corn and their injury;
  • 158 color photographs, dozens of illustrations, and distribution maps;
  • illustrated keys to help identify pests and corn injury;
  • a section on beneficial insects and insect diseases;
  • strategies for management of corn insects; and
  • glossary of terms.

The strength of this handbook is the information presented on the biology and injury caused by each pest, plus the quality of the photographs. The photographs equal the same standard as the photographs that you have come to expect in the Integrated Crop Management newsletter. The handbook will be an invaluable resource for agronomists, crop consultants, chemical representatives, seed dealers, field scouts, county extension educators, students, and farmers. Anybody that is involved in the production of corn should consider purchasing this handbook because it contains the most concise and up-to-date information on corn insects.

The book is edited by Kevin Steffey and Mike Gray (University of Illinois), John All (University of Georgia), David Andow (University of Minnesota), John Van Duyn (North Carolina State University), and myself. However, in case you are wondering, we do not receive any royalties from the sale of this handbook. Our efforts were purely a labor of love--more or less.

If you are a member of the Entomological Society of America, you can order the handbook for $28.00; the cost to nonmembers is $35.00. If you are with the news media and would like a review copy, contact April Gower at 301-731-4535 ext. 3021 or e-mail

Contact the ESA sales coordinator at 301-731-4535 ext. 3010 to place an order, or order this handbook at

This article originally appeared on page 199 of the IC-482(25) -- December 6, 1999 issue.

Updated 12/05/1999 - 1:00pm