Directory of specialists in ICM and PAT

Do you have a question about integrated crop management or pesticide applicator training? One of our ISU faculty or specialists may be able to help you. Please print out this list and keep it in an easy-to-access location.

Name Area of expertise Phone E-mail
Steve Barnhart forage crops and pasture 515-294-1923
Sorrel Brown pesticide impact assessment 515 294-8802
Julie Burzon pesticide applicator training 515-294-0397
Jerry DeWitt sustainable ag, IPM, PAT 515-294-1923
William Edwards rental rates, cost of production 515-294-6161
Dale Farnham corn and soybean production and management 515-294-1923
Roger Ginder agribusiness, specialty grain 515-294-7318
Bob Hartzler weed management 515-294-1164
Joyce Hornstein pesticide applicator training 515-294-1101
Charles Hurburgh grain quality, marketing, handling, distribution 515-294-8629
Les Lewis applied insect pathology 515-294-8614
Antonio Mallarino phosphorus and potassium management 515-294-6200
Denis McGee seed pathology 515-294-7560
Gary Munkvold diseases of corn, forage crops, and small grains 515-294-6708
Mike Owen weed management and herbicide use 515-294-1923
Larry Pedigo insect IPM in soybeans and alfalfa 515-294-8694
Rich Pope pesticide applicator training 515-294-1101
Brent Pringnitz weed science, pesticide applicator training 515-294-1923
Angela-Rieck Hinz manure management, ag drainage wells 515-294-9590
Jon Tollefson field crop insects 515-294-8044
Greg Tylka nematodes 515-294-1160
Keith Whigham soybean production 515-294-1923
XB Yang soybean diseases 515-294-8826

This article originally appeared on page 21 of the IC-482 (3) -- March 22, 1999 issue.

Updated 03/21/1999 - 1:00pm