Label change for Tilt fungicide

Special Local Need label under FIFRA Section 24(c) for use on corn after silking in Iowa. Tilt is used to control gray leaf spot and other foliar diseases on corn. Until now, the label did not allow applications to field corn, popcorn, and seed corn after silking. The new label supplement allows applications on these crops until 30 days prior to harvest. Applications may be made to sweet corn until 14 days prior to harvest (the same as the previous label). An important restriction on the Special Local Need label is that forage or fodder may not be fed to livestock if applications have been made after silking. Other restrictions also apply, so be sure to read and follow the label if you are planning to use Tilt or any other fungicide.

This article originally appeared on page 127 of the IC-482(16) -- June 28, 1999 issue.

Updated 06/27/1999 - 1:00pm