Manure management plan forms

Starting June 21, all manure management plans must be filed on forms prepared by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Animal producers who need to file a plan can pick the form up at their local extension or Natural Resource Conservation Service office. Additional copies are available at the six DNR field offices and on the DNR Web site at

Although the plans are due on July 1, the DNR recognizes that producers will have difficulty meeting this deadline. Although the DNR cannot change this statutory deadline, the department has adopted an enforcement policy that will allow producers to land-apply manure until September 1, 1999. Starting September 1, producers must have a plan filed with the DNR prior to applying manure. All producers required to have a plan must file it by November 15, 1999, regardless of whether or not they are applying manure this fall.

Producers should be aware that they also must follow other state rules regarding manure application, such as the new separation distances and application of manure so that it does not pollute waters of the state.

Confinement operations meeting the following criteria must file manure management plans by using the DNR form:

  • the operation has an animal weight capacity of more than 400,000 pounds of cattle or more than 200,000 pounds of animals other than cattle, and the operation was constructed or expanded after May 31, 1985;
  • the operation obtained or has applied for an animal feeding operation construction permit after May 31, 1985; or,
  • the operation is located outside of Iowa, but applies manure on land in Iowa (does not apply if the operation's capacity is less than 400,000 pounds for cattle or 200,000 pounds for other animal species).

Open-lot livestock are excluded from manure management plan requirements and should not be included in the calculation of total live weight in determining if a plan is needed. The plan requirements are only for animals raised in total confinement facilities.

Producers who have already filed a plan may need to update it to comply with the law (House File 2494) passed in the spring of 1998.

For more information, contact Karen Grimes at (515) 281-5135 or Kevin Baskins at (515) 281-8395.

This article originally appeared on page 127 of the IC-482(16) -- June 28, 1999 issue.

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