Certification for confinement site manure applicators

Confinement site manure applicators must become certified by October 1, 1999, under a new law passed by the Iowa Legislature. As a result, Iowa State University Extension is offering certification workshops in most counties. By attending a workshop and paying a certification fee to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), manure applicators will become certified. The other option instead of attending a workshop is to pass a written exam. During the 2-hour workshop, which must be attended for the full length of time, applicators will learn what they need to know to become certified by the DNR.

ISU Extension has developed a notebook to help prepare those who opt for a written exam. Confinement Site Manure Applicator Certification Study Guide, Pm-1779, is available for $20 from any county extension office or by calling the Extension Distribution Center at (515) 294-5247.

After producers meet the initial certification requirement, valid for 3 years, they may maintain their certification in following years by simply attending 2 hours of continuing instruction each year or by taking an exam every 3 years.

Under Iowa law, a confinement site manure applicator is defined as "a person who applies manure stored at a confinement site other than a commercial manure applicator." Full-time employees of confinement feeding operations whose primary responsibility is manure application fall under this definition as do individual livestock producers. A confinement feeding operation is defined as one in which animals are confined to totally roofed areas. Such operations must exceed an animal weight capacity of 200,000 pounds (about 1,333 market hogs) for animals other than bovine, and exceed 400,000 pounds for beef or dairy animals to require certification.

For more information about dates and locations of the county certification meetings, contact your local ISU County Extension Office. In addition, information is available on the Web site for the Iowa Manure Management Action Group at http://extension.agron.iastate.edu/immag/.

This article originally appeared on page 91 of the IC-482(13) -- June 7, 1999 issue.

Updated 06/06/1999 - 1:00pm