Spider mites and green cloverworms wanted!

Soybean fields with spider mite and/or green cloverworm problems are needed for research sites. Research will focus on the populations of these pests and the incidence of the fungi that normally keep them below economic thresholds. Spider mites usually become a serious problem under dry and hot conditions. Green cloverworm is an important pest in the southern United States that migrates to northern states and can become a problem under certain conditions. If you have information about soybean fields with spider mites, green cloverworms, or both, please call me at 515-294-9958. Data resulting from this research will be used to make management recommendations.

Two-spotted spider mite.
Green cloverworm.

This article originally appeared on page 149 of the IC-482(20) -- July 26, 1999 issue.

Updated 07/25/1999 - 1:00pm