Two new pesticide publications

The Pest Management and the Environment Program recently produced two new publications dealing with pesticide issues: Pesticide Movement: What Farmers Need to Know (PAT 36) and Eight Ways to Reduce Pesticide Use (IPM 59).

PAT 36 is a 6-page publication that covers how pesticides can contaminate surface- and groundwater and what you can do to prevent such contamination.

IPM 59 is a 33-page color publication that highlights techniques being used by Iowa farmers for cutting pesticide costs without reducing yields. Single copies of PAT 36 are 50 cents and single copies of IPM 59 are $3.00. To order these publications, contact your county extension office or the ISU "Extension Distribution Center" (515-294-5247).

This article originally appeared on page 158 of the IC-482(21) -- August 9, 1999 issue.

Updated 08/08/1999 - 1:00pm