Measuring wind speed in the field

The Iowa State University Pest Management and the Environment program is looking for your help. We need ideas on how producers and commercial applicators measure wind speed prior to pesticide applications. Not everyone has wind gauges or other wind-monitoring equipment. Some of you rely upon common-sense types of observations. What do you use or how do you measure or estimate wind speed? What works for you to give an accurate estimate of wind speed if you do not have a wind gauge? If you use a gauge, which one works well and holds up season after season? Give us the details.

Sharing how you measure wind speed could be helpful to others in our pesticide applicator training program, and we may even incorporate your idea into our upcoming educational programs. To encourage you to take the time to share your ideas, we will provide two tickets to an upcoming Cyclone football game to the submitter of the most creative and accurate method of in-field wind measurement. There is one simple rule: Get your ideas to me by September 30, 1999; the decision of the "judges" will be final--and no whining.

Mail your information to me at 2104 Agronomy, ISU, Ames, IA 50011. You also may send a fax to me (515-294-9985), call me (515-294-1923), or e-mail me ( Good luck!

This article originally appeared on page 173 of the IC-482(22) -- September 13, 1999 issue.

Updated 09/12/1999 - 1:00pm