Don't call me!

On March 9, I'll be leaving for a 6-month Faculty Professional Development Assignment in Bari, Italy, where I'll be doing research at the Institute for Toxins and Mycotoxins. I'll also be touring corn production areas and meeting with corn pathologists at universities in northern Italy.

During the time I'm away, please direct your inquiries about corn and small grain diseases to Charlie Martinson. His phone number is (515) 294-1062 and his e-mail address is

Please direct your inquiries about soybean and alfalfa diseases to XB Yang. His phone number is (515) 294-8826 and his e-mail is

I'll be submitting prewritten articles for the ICM newsletter at appropriate times during the season. Paula Flynn, diagnostician of the Plant Disease Clinic, will be keeping you up-to-date on disease problems in samples submitted to the clinic.

I think you'll be in good hands for disease management advice while I'm gone. I hope it is a successful season for everyone.

This article originally appeared on page 18 of the IC-484 (2) -- February 28, 2000 issue.

Updated 02/27/2000 - 1:00pm