Spring 2000 Toxic Cleanup Days

Several Toxic Cleanup Days will be held this spring to give Iowa residents an opportunity to properly dispose of waste materials that are hazardous or prohibited during normal trash collections. Toxic Cleanup Days are jointly sponsored and funded by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and local agencies in the counties where the events are being held. The DNR is currently phasing out Toxic Cleanup Days in most areas in the state in favor of regional collection centers. These centers give residents increased opportunities to dispose of hazardous materials. An upcoming Integrated Crop Management newsletter will list these regional collection centers.

Page County

Date: April 22, 2000

Location: Page County Fairgrounds, Clarinda


 Ron Sanson
 311 E. Washington
 Clarinda, Iowa 51632
 Phone: 712-542-5171
 Fax 712-542-5936

 Jerry Abma
 Page County Conservation Board
 Clarinda Iowa 51632
 Phone: 712-542-3864

Pocahontas County

Date: May 6, 2000

Location: Pocahontas Fairgrounds, Pocahontas


 Bradley H. Freidhof
 Pocahontas County Conservation Board
 702 NW 7th Street
 Pocahontas, Iowa 50574
 Phone: 712-335-4395
 Fax: 712-335-3606
 E-mail: Pockyccb@ncn.net

 Tim McKirnan
 Pocahontas County Emergency Management Agency
 Pocahontas, Iowa 50574
 Phone: 712-335-3188

This article originally appeared on page 53 of the IC-484 (6) -- April 24, 2000 issue.

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