Planting nearly completed across Iowa

This information was summarized from a May 15 teleconference with ISU Extension field specialists in crops.

  • Corn planting statewide is essentially completed. Soybean planting ranges from 80 percent completed in the west to 95 percent completed in the east. Irregular emergence is a concern in fields where crops were planted in dry planting beds. Joel DeJong (northwest) mentioned that with dry soil in his area, growth is slowed in some crops that have emerged.
  • Corn flea beetles are apparently dying but bean leaf beetles are a continuing concern across Iowa. Some severely infested fields have been treated in most parts of the state. For economic thresholds and treatment considerations, see the article in the May 15 ICM newsletter.
  • Alfalfa is nearing first cutting in all areas of Iowa, and some fields are being cut early to manage against alfalfa weevil populations. Scattered light frost damage was reported by George Cummins (north central) and Brian Lang (northeast) on May 13. Frost damage to corn also was reported from northern Story County. In general, crops should grow out of the damage.
  • Pastures in southern and western Iowa are generally short and in need of rainfall. The availability of quality forages as the season progresses is a concern.
  • Tony Weis (west central), Mark Carlton (south central), and Clark McGrath (southwest) all reported that cornfields damaged by wireworm seem to be more common than in previous years.
  • Weed escapes and herbicide drift complaints are common across Iowa.

This article originally appeared on page 78 of the IC-484(10) -- May 22, 2000 issue.

Updated 05/21/2000 - 1:00pm