Rainfall welcomed; Stewart's disease reported

This information was summarized from a June 5 teleconference with ISU Extension field specialists in crops.

  • Much needed rainfall occurred across the state during the past 2 weeks. Hail also was reported in scattered areas. Counties in the south central and west central parts of the state are still dry. Replanting of corn and soybean occurred in fields where hail damage was severe (mainly northwest and north central counties).
  • Crops in general are looking good. Corn is typically at the V3 to V7 growth stage (except where replanted). Soybean plants are at the V2 growth stage. Cool, cloudy, and rainy weather in the northeast has slowed crop growth.
  • Stewart's disease is showing up in a few cornfields in south central counties. Plant symptoms are more severe in fields that are already stressed. These fields are being watched to determine the extent of stand loss. See Stewart's disease articles in the past several ICM newsletters.
  • Other causes of stand loss in corn that were reported included white grub, wireworm, black cutworm, and armyworm. Uneven stands in corn were discussed and causes included planting depth, anhydrous and starter fertilizer injury, frost (from mid-May), herbicide injury, and wildlife feeding.
  • A few soybean fields with bean leaf beetles are being treating in east central counties. Some minimum-till fields are showing potassium (K) deficiency in south central counties.
  • Most of the first cut alfalfa has been harvested, except for the northeastern part of the state where the alfalfa is still bud-to-early bloom. The alfalfa crop is between 25 and 50 percent of the normal tonnage in some south central counties. Potato leafhoppers are not currently at economic levels.
  • The oat crop is reported to be good in most areas. Much of the crop in south central counties is being harvested for forage. Winter wheat is looking good and is starting to turn color.

This article originally appeared on page 103 of the IC-484(13) -- June 12, 2000 issue.

Updated 06/11/2000 - 1:00pm