New agronomy faculty member

Dr. Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Assistant Professor of Soil Management and Environmental Science, joined the Agronomy Department at ISU on April 3, 2000. As an extension state specialist, he will have responsibilities in soil management and soil and water quality. Mahdi's appointment is 70 percent extension and 30 percent research. He filled the position that was formerly held by Min Amemiya.

Mahdi has an M.S. and Ph.D. from North Dakota State University in soil physics with emphasis in water quality and water management; he has a B.S. in soil science from the University of Baghdad. Prior to joining ISU Extension, he was a faculty member with Colorado State University from 1991 to 2000 as an extension water quality specialist. He worked on issues related to animal waste and nutrient management, soil and water salinity, soil and water quality, and water management for dry and irrigated agriculture. You may contact Mahdi at 515-294-1923 or by e-mail at

This article originally appeared on page 144 of the IC-484(19) -- July 24, 2000 issue.

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