Drought concerns for 2000 eased

This information was summarized from a June 26 teleconference with Iowa State University Extension field and campus-based specialists in crops.

  • Last week's thunderstorms eliminated drought problems in parts of Iowa. The northwestern one-fourth of Iowa missed much of the rain and still is suffering from the lack of moisture. Some wind and light hail damage occurred, but in general crops are in good condition.
  • Some cornfields will shoot tassels in the next week, particularly in the southern half of the state. Soybeans are at the R1 developmental stage (beginning flowering) across Iowa.
  • Specialists reported very light populations of European corn borer and potato leafhoppers across Iowa. First-generation bean leaf beetles and corn flea beetles are beginning to emerge. Feeding by alfalfa weevil adults is hindering regrowth of alfalfa in parts of southern Iowa.
  • Several crop diseases are appearing now. Stewart's disease has been reported in fields, but is limited so far to areas roughly south of Highway 20. Fusarium wilt and Rhizoctonia root rot have been reported as a problem in a few fields.
  • The biggest general concern reported was herbicide injury from growth regulators and Roundup application. Postemergence applications during wind conditions are problematic.
  • Second cutting of alfalfa is underway, with approximately 20 to 30 percent of hay down as of June 26.

This article originally appeared on page 123 of the IC-484(16) -- July 3, 2000 issue.

Updated 07/02/2000 - 1:00pm