Update on planting progress

This information was summarized from May 7 teleconference with ISU extension field specialists in crops.

  • Corn and soybean planting slowed this past week in many areas of the state. Rainfall varied from 1 inch up to 10 inches. The most planting progress was made in eastern, southeastern, and southwestern Iowa, where estimates of corn planted were 90, 75, and 85 percent, respectively. Corn emergence ranged from 30 to 50 percent of the acres planted.
  • Soybean planting ranged from less than 5 percent in northwestern, west central, and northeastern counties up to 45 percent in south central counties.
  • Several specialists mentioned that up to 30 percent of the corn acres planted in their areas do not have herbicides applied and some of the fields are starting to become weedy.
  • No insect problems were reported.

This article originally appeared on page 77 of the IC-486 (9) -- May 14, 2001 issue.

Updated 05/13/2001 - 1:00pm