Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) brochure

The Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) brochure is available as a PDF document (476k).

FEEL offers crop diagnostic, soil management, alfalfa, and late-season disease clinics in addition to courses on the Iowa Crop Management Database, and a review of integrated crop management for agribusiness professionals. The dates for the crop diagnostic clinics are July 9-10, July 17-18, and July 19-20.

To register for these clinics or courses, print the brochure, circle the ones you want to attend, and fill in the total. Mail the registration form with your payment (credit card information or check payable to Iowa State University) to Agribusiness Education Programs, 2104 Agronomy Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011. Credit card registrations may be faxed to 515-432-9549.

Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first fee-paid basis. Each clinic or course has limited enrollment. The registration fee includes course materials, noon meal, and refreshment breaks. Please put one name on each form; photocopy for additional registrations.

This article originally appeared on page 131 of the IC-486(16) -- July 2, 2001 issue.

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