Mustang: A new pyrethroid for Iowa crops

The FMC Corporation has received a federal label for Mustang (zeta-cympermethrin) insecticide. Mustang contains 1.5 pounds of active ingredient per gallon. Mustang is a pyrethroid insecticide and a restricted use pesticide. Environmental hazards on the label state that, "this pesticide is extremely toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds." The restricted entry interval is 12 hours for all labeled crops.

Listed below are a few excerpts from the label for several crop pests in Iowa. The label must be consulted for complete information on restrictions and application recommendations. A label may be found at

Maximum seasonal usage and preharvest interval (PHI) for Mustang.

Crop Total


PHI (days)
Alfalfa 0.05/cutting 4.3 3 (cutting or grazing)
Corn (field, seed, pop) 0.2 17.2 30 (grain and fodder)

60 (silage)
Sorghum 0.25 21.5 14 (grain and fodder)

45 (forage)
Soybean 0.3 25.8 21
Wheat 0.25 21.5 14

Mustang rates for several insects in Iowa crops (see label for complete list of insects).

Crop Pest Rate of

Application Comments
Alfalfa Alfalfa weevil 2.4-4.3 oz./acre*
Potato leafhopper 2.4-4.3 oz./acre*
Corn Cutworms (at plant) 0.16 oz./1,000 row ft. In-furrow, band, or T-band
Cutworms (rescue) 1.4-3.0 oz./acre*
Flea beetle 2.9-4.3 oz./acre*
Armyworm 3.4-4.3 oz./acre*
Stalk borer 2.9-4.3 oz./acre*
European corn borer 2.9-4.3 oz./acre*
Western bean cutworm 1.9-4.3 oz./acre* For control before larvae bore into ear
Corn earworm 1.9-4.3 oz./acre* For control before larvae bore into ear
Sorghum Chinch bug 3.4-4.3 oz/acre* Direct spray at base of plants
Soybean Bean leaf beetle 3.0-4.3 oz./acre*
Green cloverworm 3.0-4.3 oz./acre*
Aphid species 3.4-4.3 oz./acre* Aids in control
Wheat Armyworm 1.9-4.3 oz./acre*
Chinch bug 3.4-4.3 oz./acre*

*Apply in a minimum of 2 gallons of finished spray per acre by aerial equipment or 10 gallons per acre by ground equipment.

This article originally appeared on pages 30-31 of the IC-488 (3) -- March 18, 2002 issue.

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