Corn, soybean, and alfalfa are looking good

This information was summarized from a June 17 teleconference with Iowa State University extension field specialists in crops.

  • Variable rainfall, from none up to 6 inches, occurred during the past week. Hail was reported in parts of Appanoose, Fremont, Wapello, and Carroll counties. Crop damage was severe in some of these areas.
  • Corn is growing rapidly in most areas, with few problems reported. Some seedling disease symptoms were reported as decaying mesocotyls and stunting of plants. True white grubs and wireworms were reported in the south central area. Armyworms were reported in some Jackson County fields.
  • The overwintering bean leaf beetle populations are continuing to decline across the state. The first soybean aphids found on soybean this spring were reported by Brian Lang in northeastern Iowa. Wisconsin and Minnesota also have reported finding a few soybean aphids. Postapplication of herbicides in soybean is not yet complete. Some iron chlorosis and damping-off in soybean were reported. Planting of soybean into fields where first-cut hay was harvested continues.
  • Average corn and soybean growth stages that were reported by the field specialists are listed in the table.
  • First-cut harvest of hay and alfalfa is mostly complete. Alfalfa regrowth looks good.
  • Oats are heading out and the crop is looking good.
Vegetative Growth Stage
Area Corn Soybean
Northwest V7 V2
North central V7 V3
Northeast V6-V7 V2-V3
West central V8 V3
Central V8 V3
East central V8 V3
East V7 V3
Southwest V8 V3
South central V8 V4
Southeast V7 V3

This article originally appeared on page 119 of the IC-488(14) -- June 24, 2002 issue.

Updated 06/23/2002 - 1:00pm