Flights of western bean cutworms increase

Trap catches of western bean cutworms increased during the first week of July. A blacklight trap operated by the Linn family north of Correctionville (east of Sioux City) collected 1 moth on June 30, 12 on July 4, 22 on July 5, 15 on July 6, and 17 on July 7. Todd Vagts, Iowa State University Extension field specialist-crops specialist, reports catching moths at Castana on July 5 and 8. Phred Linn reports that females are laying eggs in corn in Woodbury and Plymouth counties, and he has counted as many as 100 eggs on a single plant. Now is the time to be scouting cornfields for the eggs of this pest. See last week's Integrated Crop Management newsletter article for details on economic thresholds, scouting suggestions, and insecticide options.

This article originally appeared on page 143 of the IC-488(17) -- July 15, 2002 issue.

Updated 07/14/2002 - 1:00pm