Storm damage reported, but rain brings relief to many areas

This information is summarized from a July 15 teleconference with Iowa State University Extension field and campus specialists in crops.

  • Many areas of the state reported rainfall for the week totaling 1-4 inches. However, not all were lucky with some areas only reporting a few tenths of an inch. Northeastern and southwestern Iowa is still reporting dry conditions and crop stress.
  • Strong winds with the rainfall caused crop damage in various locations. Todd Vagts (west central Iowa) reported portions of Crawford, Ida, Sac, and Carroll counties had extensive corn damage. Some of the corn was recovering, but many fields were still flat.
  • Corn development ranged from V16 to R2, with most corn tasseling statewide. Corn rootworm problems and some insecticide failures are being reported. Western bean cutworm were reported in north central and northwestern Iowa.
  • Soybean is generally in the R1 to R2 stage across the state. Many reports of herbicide drift and soybean with cupped leaves are coming in. Soybean aphids are still being reported, but numbers are lower than last year at this time. Soybean cyst nematode and iron chlorosis symptoms continue to develop. First-generation bean leaf beetles are active. Mark Carlton (southeastern Iowa) reported populations above threshold levels.
  • Most of the second cutting of alfalfa is up. Quality is reported as good, but yields are low. Potato leafhopper populations continue to increase.
  • Oat and wheat harvest are underway with good yields being reported. Some fields in eastern Iowa had wind damage.

This article originally appeared on page 150 of the IC-488(18) -- July 22, 2002 issue.

Updated 07/21/2002 - 1:00pm