Protect pollinating bees

Before the application of any pesticide labeled as toxic to bees, an applicator is required by rule IAC 21-45.31(206) to notify all owners of registered beeyards within a 2-mile radius of the site of application. Notification is required at least 24 hours and no more than 72 hours before the application. This notification enables beekeepers to move or otherwise protect the bees.

The "Environmental Hazards" section of a pesticide label identifies whether a pesticide is toxic to bees. Visit the Iowa Department of Agriculture's Web site at for the list of registered beeyards or contact Steve Pedersen, Ag Diversification and Marketing Bureau at (515) 281-7657 with questions regarding beeyard registration.

This article originally appeared on page 165 of the IC-488(20) -- August 19, 2002 issue.

Updated 08/18/2002 - 1:00pm