Corn insecticide and YieldGard Rootworm evaluations

At the beginning of each year, we typically publish the results of the corn rootworm insecticide trials from the previous summer. However, these brief reports in the newsletter often fail to provide all of the research data generated from these experiments. This year we have decided to post the entire report on the web for your perusal. In this report you will find evaluations that compare a variety of soil insecticides, seed treatments (both labeled and experimental), and YieldGard Rootworm corn hybrids. This report also includes insecticide evaluations on seedcorn maggots, white grubs, and wireworms. Be sure to read the section on Testing Procedures and Evaluations, and the Comments on the Trials and Product Performance, so that you can better interpret the results.

This article originally appeared on page 12 of the IC-492 (2) -- February 23, 2004 issue.

Updated 10/05/2007 - 11:11am