Evaluate insecticide seed-treated cornfields

I have had reports of white grubs causing significant stand loss in a handful of fields, while reports of black cutworm and wireworm damage have been infrequently reported this spring. Now would be a good time to evaluate the performance of cornfields with insecticide seed treatments. The systemic seed treatments (Cruiser, Gaucho, and Poncho) were widely promoted last winter as effective treatments for control of white grubs, wireworms and cutworms. Plant stands are well established across much of Iowa and any gaps in rows or blank spots in fields caused by white grubs or wireworms or other early-season insects would still be fairly easy to see and plant stands could be evaluated.

This article originally appeared on page 71 of the IC-492(11) -- June 14, 2004 issue.

Updated 06/13/2004 - 1:00pm