ISU welcomes new corn extension specialist in July

Leading the corn extension program in the top corn producing state in the nation is no small task, but Iowa State University has found just the right person to step in. Roger Elmore will take over the program in July when he joins the agronomy faculty as the state's corn extension specialist.

Roger Elmore

"My extension program focuses on delivering the best scientific principles to producers and my research is driven by the desire to generate research that answers questions and impending needs of farmers," Elmore said.

He believes extension is a team effort of problem solving involving farmers, extension specialists and education directors, university faculty and staff, farm press, industry groups, and ag professionals.

Elmore's research has included resource-efficient cropping systems, corn greensnap, nodulation and physiological response of glyphosate-resistant soybean to glyphosate and comparing glyphosate-tolerant and conventional corn hybrid performance.

"At Iowa State I have a number of research projects planned such as testing abiotic stresses (like frost, hail, and wind), biotic stresses (insects, weeds, and disease), yield, and new cropping systems," he said.

Elmore believes communicating is key to a successful extension program and plans to do just that by holding field demonstrations, on-farm research, gathering support, providing advice, and seeking information and advice. His previous extension communication during his work in Nebraska incorporated newsletters, workshops, field days, integrated crop management winter meetings, and on-farm research projects.

He is currently a professor of agronomy and horticulture at the University of Nebraska. He received his bachelor's degree in agriculture from Illinois State University and his master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Illinois in agronomy.

Elmore is a fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and an active member of several professional organizations including the Crop Science Society of America and the Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association. He has served as anassociate editor for the Journal of Production Agriculture and the Agronomy Journal.

Elmore has worked internationally over the years with projects in Ghana, China, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. He also served with the Peace Corps in Malaysia.

His international work provided him with a unique perspective on corn production and agricultural systems, and has made a profound impact on his extension and research philosophy as well as his philosophy about life in general.

"I feel compelled to help others optimize yields with environmentally sound production practices to meet the needs for information and research necessary to produce food," Elmore said.

This article originally appeared on page 45 of the IC-494 (5) -- April 4, 2005 issue.

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