OK, some rain would be nice

The week of July 4 generated normal temperatures, with little or no rain in the state. Although corn and soybeans are in good condition and growing well across Iowa, some parts of southeast Iowa are suffering from moisture deficits, most notably damaging pasture and forage growth.

Most corn statewide is now at stage V15 to VT with an occasional field about to shoot silks. Soybeans are mostly from stage R2 to R3. A nice, gentle, soaking rain would be quite welcome in most areas.

Degree days May 1 through July 10, 2005
Accumulated Base: 50° F Degree Days May 1 through July 10, 2005. Top: Accumulated degree days. Bottom: (departure from average).

This article originally appeared on page 144 of the IC-494(18) -- July 11, 2005 issue.

Updated 07/13/2005 - 12:00pm