Hot, hot, hot -- and now not

Another hot week, but for the bulk of Iowa, row crops continue to be in good shape. The drought in northern Illinois does reach into far eastern Iowa, and crops in southeast and east-central Iowa--about one eighth of the state--are in dire need for rain. Cooler weather forecast should lower the crop stress, but rain is the real ticket.

Soybean aphids have been reported in most areas, but populations remain low for the most part, well below economic thresholds. As cooler weather enters the state, soybean aphid populations could rise, but the best management key remains scouting fields.

Degree days May 1 through July 24, 2005
Accumulated Base: 50° F Degree Days May 1 through July 24, 2005. Top: Accumulated degree days. Bottom: (departure from average).

This article originally appeared on page 158 of the IC-494(20) -- July 25, 2005 issue.

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