What do you talk about but cannot do a thing about?

THE WEATHER! August dawns with Iowa crop conditions good relative to the rest of the Corn Belt. Welcome late-July rains came to Iowa, and finally, most of rain-starved southeast and east-central Iowa got to share in the moisture. Late is better than never, but more rain is needed in August.

Some spraying for western bean cutworm has been needed, and soybean aphid remains present in most areas but generally well below economic thresholds of 250+ per plant. Because of the soybean aphid population dynamics, that means to keep watching through August.

Degree days May 1 through July 31, 2005
Accumulated Base: 50° F Degree Days May 1 through July 31, 2005. Top: Accumulated degree days. Bottom: (departure from average).

This article originally appeared on page 164 of the IC-494(21) -- August 1, 2005 issue.

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