Visit Iowa State University Extension under the grandstand at the Iowa State Fair

Fairgoers will find Space Invaders at the Iowa State University (ISU) Extension booth in Exhibits Hall under the east end of the grandstand during the Iowa State Fair, August 11-21. Space Invaders include invasive species that threaten Iowa's biodiversity. Whether accidentally or intentionally introduced, the species have no natural enemies in Iowa to limit their reproduction and spread rampantly, costing agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and other human enterprises an estimated $137 billion annually.

Check out live examples of invasive species, including Eurasian watermilfoil and zebra mussels that are threatening Iowa's waterways. Discover how other Space Invaders, such as purple loosetrife, garlic mustard, and many others, are harming our state. Fairgoers can learn how to stop or reverse their spread. Display hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

Booth visitors can earn a chance to win an iPod mini by completing a technology survey (one iPod given away each day). The survey will focus on how people use technology to get news and for educational and entertainment purposes.

The exhibit also features the new Food Guide Pyramid. Computer stations will enable visitors to enter data and find out their personal dietary recommendations.

Midday and Talk of Iowa programs will be broadcast over WOI from the Iowa State University Extension exhibit Monday through Friday during the fair.

ISU Extension will have several webcams at various locations at the state fair. To view the webcams or get more information about Iowa State University Extension activities at the state fair, visit

Iowa State Fair
Thousands of fairgoers have fun learning and discovering new interests at Iowa State University Extension’s interactive exhibits each year.

This article originally appeared on page 163 of the IC-494(21) -- August 1, 2005 issue.

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