Soybean aphid survey

A brief survey of Corn and Soybean Initiative partners conducted in late fall 2005 asked questions about management activity for soybean aphid.

Primary products reportedly used were organophosphates (Yuma® at 1 pint per acre and Lorsban® at 1 pint), and pyrethroids included (Warrior® at 2.8 oz. and Asana XL® at 5.8 oz. per acre). Both air and ground applications were employed. Although the number of respondents was limited, treatments were more common in northwest and into north central Iowa compared with southern and central Iowa.

"Double-up" treatments were not commonly used in 2005, with the most common tank-mix application pairing a soybean aphid control treatment with glyphosate during the last weed management spraying. One respondent reported one field that was treated for bean leaf beetles, pairing Roundup® with Asana XL®. More survey information that compares treatment activity for aphid control with fungicide treatments "for plant-health purposes" will follow in subsequent ICM Newsletter articles.

This article originally appeared on page 19 of the IC-496 (1) -- January 23, 2006 issue.

Updated 11/08/2006 - 5:38pm