Crop performance test bulletins now available

Results of the 2006 Iowa Crop Performance Tests for alfalfa, barley, corn, oat, soybean, triticale, and winter wheat are now available. For those wanting to download a copy of the bulletins, visit the Iowa Crop Improvement Association (ICIA) Web site or the Iowa State University (ISU) Extension Distribution Center (EDC) online store. Published bulletins may be requested by contacting ICIA at (515) 294-6921 or EDC at (515) 294-5247.

ICIA's crop performance testing program is a cooperative effort with the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station at Iowa State University and Iowa State University Extension. The program offers unbiased, third-party information to Iowa growers on commercial seed they can purchase. Information on the adaptation and performance of hybrids and varieties is offered for alfalfa, barley, corn, oat, soybean, triticale and wheat in the following publications:

  • 2006 Iowa Crop Performance Tests--Alfalfa and Other Forages (AG 0084) provides an analysis of alfalfa, other legumes, and orchardgrass yield trials that are conducted annually by Iowa State University and the Iowa Crop Improvement Association.
  • 2006 Iowa Crop Performance Tests--Oat and Barley (PM 1645) contains information from yield trials of oats and barley conducted by Iowa State University and ICIA. In 2006, 22 spring oat varieties were tested at five locations in Iowa.
  • 2006 Iowa Crop Performance Test--Corn (PM 0660) now conveniently combines information from six corn districts in Iowa into one publication. This year we evaluated 390 hybrids, under 42 brand names, in 900 district-by-hybrid combinations.
  • 2006 Iowa Crop Performance Test--Soybeans (AG 0018) provides results of soybean yield trials that are conducted annually by Iowa State University and ICIA. The bulletin contains information farmers need to select the best varieties or brands for their production conditions.
  • 2006 Iowa Crop Performance Tests--Winter Wheat and Winter Triticale (AG 0006). Triticale is a grain derived from crossing wheat with rye and is grown primarily for animal feed as either a grain or forage crop. The winter triticale test studied 12 named triticale varieties and one winter wheat check planted at Ames, Sutherland, and Crawfordsville. The triticale performance was up considerably relative to last year.

Keven Arrowsmith is managing editor of ICM newsletter and extension communications specialist with responsibilities in pest management and the environment.

This article originally appeared on page 259 of the IC-496(27) -- December 18, 2006 issue.

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