Asian soybean rust is the focus of the next issue of the ICM Newsletter

The next issue of the ICM Newsletter will be a special issue devoted solely to Asian soybean rust. This issue is being published to provide agribusiness personnel with the latest information about Asian soybean rust and to help them make plans for the 2006 growing season.

Topics planned for the special issue include a review of Asian soybean rust in the United States in 2005, 2005 fungicide trial disease control data, 2005 fungicide trial disease yield data, spray technology data, review and update of the sentinel plot network for early detection of soybean rust, fungicide storage tips, review of samples submitted via the Fast Track Identification System in 2005, Iowa State University Extension educational resources for soybean rust, a survey of fungicide usage in 2005 by Iowa Corn and Soybean Initiative partners, and implications of Asian soybean rust for the grain market in 2006.

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This article originally appeared on page 36 of the IC-496 (2) -- February 13, 2006 issue.

Updated 02/15/2006 - 10:59am