Glyphosate stewardship information is available

Two glyphosate stewardship efforts have resulted in a number of useful publications. The first effort was the National Glyphosate Stewardship Forum held November 2005 in St. Louis. The forum was organized by several university weed scientists and had the goal of determining what growers, on a national scale, were thinking with regard to the unprecedented adoption of glyphosate-resistant crops and the use of glyphosate as the primary, if not sole, weed management tactic. A number of national grower groups were invited to participate in the forum, and presentations were given by selected university weed scientists and industry representatives. Growers were then given the opportunity to discuss the utilization of glyphosate technology and the implications of glyphosate-resistant weeds on their individual farms. The report from this national forum will soon be released on the Iowa State University weed science Web page.

The second glyphosate stewardship effort was accomplished by a coalition of weed scientists from the North Central Weed Science Society, including Iowa State University extension weed scientists. This group has been active in promoting the stewardship of glyphosate in conjunction with glyphosate-resistant crops. These efforts are designed to provide growers, agriculturalists, and the private industry with science-based, objective information about the benefits and risks involved with the use of glyphosate and the glyphosate-resistant crops. This coalition of weed scientists has collaborated on the development of a series of publications that will be printed at Purdue University. The publications are part of the Glyphosate, Weeds, and Crops Series, which will ultimately include publications on glyphosate-resistant weeds, problem weeds, general stewardship considerations, economics, and other topics. The first two publications, Glyphosate, Weeds, and Crops: Biology and Management of Horseweed and Glyphosate, Weeds, and Crops: Biology and Management of Wild Buckwheat were recently completed and are now available. It is anticipated that the other publications in this important effort will be available in the near future. For more information, refer to the Iowa State University weed science Web page.

This article originally appeared on page 93 of the IC-496 (7) -- April 17, 2006 issue.

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