Here comes the sun (we hope)!

Week three of the 2006 growing season began cool, but temperatures moderated by mid-week. The total degree-day accumulations for the week lagged slightly behind long-term average accumulations. The cool weather coupled with adverse seedbed conditions have combined to cause some crop emergence problems in scattered areas. Crops grow slower with cooler weather, taking longer to germinate and emerge, which challenges their vigor. Physical problems for the germinating and emerging plants include soil crusting, which physically interferes with emergence, and sidewall compaction that interferes with water uptake and secondary root establishment. Slow plant growth from cool weather also increases the likelihood for the development of some soilborne diseases that can reduce plant populations. See the article in this issue about these soilborne diseases. Once again, the ideal recipe for the next week includes warmth, sunshine mixed with a dose of gentle rainfall.

Degree days May 1 through May 21, 2006
May 1 through May 21, 2006 Accumulated Base: 50 Degree Days

This article originally appeared on page 142 of the IC-496(12) -- May 22, 2006 issue.

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