Protect pollinating bees from pesticides

A pesticide applicator is required to notify all owners of registered beeyards (apiaries) within a 2-mile radius of the site of application if the pesticide is labeled as "toxic to bees." Notification is required at least 24 hours and no more than 72 hours before the application. This enables beekeepers to move or otherwise protect their bees from harm. This notification is required by the Iowa Administrative Code rule IAC 21-45.31(206).

How do you know if the pesticide is toxic to bees?

Look at the "Environmental Hazards" section of a pesticide label to check whether a pesticide is toxic to bees. If you do not have a copy of the pesticide label, you can obtain one from the manufacturer of the product.

For information about registering your beeyard or to find out if there are registered beeyards in your area, please visit the Iowa Department of Agriculture's Web site at for the list of registered beeyards or contact the Agricultural Diversification and Market Development Bureau at (515) 281-7657 with questions regarding beeyard registration.

Honey bee hive
Honey bee hive. (Marlin E. Rice)

This article originally appeared on page 205 of the IC-496(20) -- July 17, 2006 issue.

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